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Thanks to our specialized expertise, our field experience, and the thousands of professionals we have worked with, we have developed a unique method and a coaching program adapted to your business reality that generates unparalleled results. Our intensive training is given in small groups, in person, or online. Dynamic and stimulating, our training courses use concrete examples taken from everyday life and are supported by complete learning workbooks.

Pillars of the client approach

Expected results : Increased confidence and success in interactions with your clients

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Client approach - retail sales and service

Specially designed to differentiate you from the competition.

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Telephone client approach

Read your interlocutors well, even from a distance.

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Effective communications

Develop trusting relationships and foster commitment.

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Inspiring manager and powerful coach

Coach with strategy, tact and impact to move your team forward.

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Sales Professionals

Selling is not an end in itself but rather a process. Without neglecting the objective, i.e. the conclusion of a sale or the signing of an agreement, we offer professional support and guidance. As a result, each professional’s level of mastery and comfort in his or her role as an influencer with his or her client is raised.

Technical professionals

Few technical professionals accept their role in business development. Yet they must all, at one time or another in their work, find the right words to lead their interlocutors in the right direction and therefore towards the best solution…that’s selling! Our respectful, logical and methodical approach will lead your technical professionals into a new comfort zone in their role as consultants.

Consulting professionals

Whether they are accountants, engineers, financial planners or lawyers, all these professionals work in an environment where trust is the cornerstone of a long-term, even lifelong relationship. We equip professionals in their ability to adapt to all their clients and to talk to them about sensitive issues such as debt, security and succession. All this at the heart of a relationship where family members or team members have the power to act as decision-makers or influencers.

Client Service

The person in contact with the client plays an essential role in organizations. Today’s clients are very demanding and their level of patience is diminishing. It is therefore necessary to know how to quickly adapt one’s language level and demonstrate one’s competence. We work to identify and target the key points of an effective intervention, in order to increase and maintain an indisputable asset of each company: its clients.

Retail sales and services

The retail industry is undergoing a transformation. In order to stand out from robots and transactional sites, the people on the floor are increasingly called upon to play an advisory role. Rather than simply completing a transaction and validating the clients satisfaction at the end of the visit, we make sure to teach the golden rules of communication and effective advice throughout the purchasing process. For every client that walks through the door, it’s not the product or service you sell that’s most important, it’s how you sell it that will make all the difference in the client experience.

Team Managers

Anyone who manages a team or coaches individuals knows that there is a fine line between using words that motivate and those that we regret having said. Our toolbox is designed for managers who care about people without neglecting the performance of the organization. Knowing how to be strategic, impactful and inspiring can be learned and developed.

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