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Pillars of the client approach

A key component of our offering, learn the key concepts and essentials of the client approach. Even for the most experienced professionals, concrete learnings and tangible results will follow.

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Duration: 2 consecutive days

Any professional in contact with a client who wishes to improve their approach and optimize their business results, while respecting the limits of each client.


Improve the quality of your approach adapted to each client , at each meeting

Gain confidence and ease in order to better close sales

Stand out from the competition

Expected results

More effective and far-reaching interactions with your client's

Increased confidence and success in interactions with your client's

A better understanding of the target: the objective and the intention

Content Overview


Part 1 : The foundation of the client approach: active listening…beyond hearing

Part 2 : Communication techniques used by experts

The smooth running of your meetings

Part 3 : Positioning your products/services

Part 4 : The Tremplin client interview process: the 6 steps leading to an agreement

The 5 core themes studied are

The key factors of active listening for a better communication with your client

Social styles and how to best influence each of your stakeholders

Effective communication techniques to reach your goals quickly

The strategic positioning of your products and services

The 6 crucial steps of the client interview leading to an agreement or a sale

No prerequisites except the desire to grow

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