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Client approach over the phone

You will be equipped to prepare and structure your approaches to clients over the phone. You will increase the impact of your explanations and will be able to better approach your interlocutor with structured steps, easy to apply.

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Duration: 1 day

Any professional who wants to deal more efficiently with his client by phone.


Optimize communications for professionals who interact with inbound and outbound clients

Increase your confidence and performance on every call

Expected results

A marked ease in the client approach by telephone

Greater efficiency in understanding needs

An increase in client satisfaction

An increase in the conclusion of agreements by phone

Content Overview


Part 1 : The foundation of the client approach: active listening…beyond hearing

The proper conduct of your client interview

Part 2 : Structuring your approach for maximum impact, both in “inbound” and “outbound” mode

Part 3 : The Tremplin client interview process: 6 steps to client engagement

You will come away from this training with the knowledge to

Build strong trusting relationships with your clients

Assert your professional credibility

Stay in control of your phone conversation

Position your products and services with maximum impact

Exhibit your pricing with confidence

Conclude your transactions with tact, finesse and efficiency

No prerequisites except the desire to grow

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