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Effective communications

Whether dealing with a client, persuading a co-worker or resolving a difficult situation, learn to communicate confidently and effectively.

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Duration: 1 day

Any professional who seeks to establish effective interpersonal relationships with clients, employees, colleagues or bosses.


Be effective in your communications

Build lasting relationships of trust

Create maximum impact in person-to-person interventions

Expected results

Optimized interpersonal relations

Ease in conveying your key messages, whatever the situation

A more harmonious and efficient work climate

Content Overview


Part 1 : The foundation of the client approach: active listening … far beyond hearing

The smooth running of your meetings

Part 2 : Presentation of tools: The effectiveness of direct communication

Part 3 : Communicating effectively to convince an individual to take action

You will come away from this training with the knowledge to

Build strong trusting relationships with your clients

Strengthen your professional credibility

Conduct harmonious discussions, even in a crisis situation

Influence better by positioning your ideas

Engage your stakeholders

Conclude your communications easily

No prerequisites, except the desire to develop

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