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Optimize the positioning of your products and services

Participants will practice sustainable presentation and sales tools, helping them propel the marketing of their products and services.

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Duration: 2.5 days
(1⁄2 day preparation + 2 days in workshop)
or 5 segments in a row.

Any professional who wishes to highlight his solutions and increase his sales by a strategic and optimized positioning.


Master new and effective sales tools

Develop new skills in client approach through real-life case studies

Expected results

A marked ease in future client approaches

A significant increase in the sales of your products and services

Content Overview

Part 1 : The set-up meeting

Part 2 : Synergistic shaping of your flagship solutions

Part 3 : The polishing of presentations

Part 4 : The final touch as a team

Part 5 : Validation through simulation of client meetings

Prerequisite: to have followed the training “The pillars of the client approach”.

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