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Phone sprints

The participants are supervised and accompanied by the Tremplin expert trainer while they make telephone solicitations to their own target clientele. Each call period ends with a group meeting to exchange experiences and best practices.

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Duration: 0.5 days

Any professional who solicits new clients by telephone, who has followed the workshop “Appointments by phone” and who wishes to consolidate his or her knowledge through real situations.


Generate a high rate of telephone appointments thanks to the synergy and strength of the team

Expected results

An increase in the number of appointments

A motivated sales force

A stronger team spirit

Content Overview

Part 1 : The set-up meeting

Part 2 : Putting it into action

Part 3 : Exchange and adjustment period

Part 4 : Back in Action

Part 5 : Sharing and the final touch… a guaranteed success!

PREREQUISITE: To have followed the “appointments by phone” workshop

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