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The Tremplin method

The basics :

Mastering the client approach

We define the client approach as any communication, face to face, on the phone or by videoconference, aimed at discovering a client’s needs in order to ultimately meet them and thus contribute to their success.

In order to better succeed in its customer approach, we help each professional who is entrusted to us, to master 4 essential elements:

  • His posture : what to do and how to do it.
  • Its objective: the desired result.
  • Its intention: the benefits obtained by the client.
  • The value of one’s contribution: understanding the nuance between what it costs and what it is worth.

We make your teams more comfortable and confident in the execution of their customer approach and, as a result, we optimize your results.

Inspired by that of athletes

For both teams to win

Our methodology aims to grasp the importance of every detail of the approach taken with a client. Thus, we encourage the practice and repetition of win-win behaviors and attitudes. Repetition, in particular, generates greater mastery, which leads to greater self-confidence and, ultimately, to better results. This is the approach that athletes advocate.

We work with our clients by focusing on a clear, simple method that has been validated tens of thousands of times. We have observed a constant improvement in the efficiency of each meeting undertaken by our clients’ professionals.

Adapted to your reality in the field

A clear game plan for concrete results

The goal of training is to improve behaviors in order to generate better results. It is therefore essential that each participant be able to easily apply what they learn to their daily practice. For over 30 years, we have built and refined an approach that is closely aligned with the reality of each company we work with. This gives us a level of appreciation unmatched in the market.

In addition to guaranteeing a unique and stimulating experience, our approach maximizes the rapid transfer of learning thanks to the quality and experience of our experts. It should be noted that during our Training Camps, we create realistic and personalized scenarios in order to help each of your professionals evolve on specific issues.

Small group training

No players on the bench

Each of our interventions aims to improve know-how and interpersonal skills. It is therefore essential that each participant feels comfortable asking all the questions he or she deems essential to his or her development, without the risk of being judged or pressed for time. This is why we limit the number of participants depending on the type of intervention.

Learning with pleasure

We strive to use simple language to help you quickly grasp the concepts. We advocate an approach tinged with anecdotes and facts, sometimes even humorous, because we advocate learning with pleasure.

Tremplin Learning Workbooks

Do everything to excel

At Tremplin, we limit the use of paper as much as possible in order to help maintain and grow our forests. However, when the time comes to optimize learning, we make sure to take all the necessary steps to facilitate retention and thus optimize the positive impact on our clients.

Consequently, during each of our training sessions, each participant will be given a learning workbook for the following reasons :

Our brain, when it receives information, encodes it and classifies it. In doing so, neuronal connections are created. The more these connections are used, the faster the information is transmitted. Furthermore, research shows that handwriting mobilizes more cognitive and emotional capacities, thus promoting a better encoding of information by the brain. Thus, handwritten notes, combined with group discussion, maximize learning.

Evolving through basic training followed by advanced workshops

To maximize everyone’s development

Just like in sports, it is important to ensure that each player has the same basic skills. In the business world, this foundation is often taken for granted even though it is obvious that not everyone on a team has the same background. In order to propel everyone’s evolution, it is therefore essential to clearly establish these foundations.

Tremplin’s unique approach aims to develop mastery of each gesture that must be performed in the presence of the client. This is why we have developed one-time Training Camps to practice, practice and practice again! This method, validated in multiple fields and with many of our clients, increases the participants’ awareness and skills, taking them to a whole new level.

Rather than using a new approach, changing the recipe every year, using new images and a few buzzwords, our clients choose continuity:

  • Maximizing their investment.
  • Optimizing the “learning versus mastery” curve.
  • Improving the level of play of each member of their team.
  • Increasing the organization’s results