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Executive Vice President

Trainer and expert in customer approach and business development


Eric’s background is rather atypical. After a successful career on the small screen and as an investigator in the retail industry, he joined the Tremplin team in the early 2000s. Climbing up the corporate ladder one by one, it is Tremplin that taught him to do the job he cherishes so much: professional salesman/trainer.

It is with pride that he teaches the methodology that the founder, Mr. Réjean Pinel, passed on to him. Today, as executive Vice-president and partner, he continues his quest to support an extremely diverse clientele of nearly 10,000 professionals. His contagious passion and his great ability to transmit his teachings make him a partner of choice for anyone wishing to instill a dose of confidence in their team. For Eric, “Selling is about influencing with

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