Training Camp: Practicing the Pillars of a Successful Client Approach

Training Camp: Practicing the client approach

Practice your client approach skills and go back in the field with even more self-confidence.

This workshop uses learning from experience, the Tremplin team’s preferred method. The basic concepts of the Pillars of the Client Approach course are applied to various situations carefully developed to reflect your business environment. After familiarizing themselves with the scenarios, participants are invited one by one to simulate a meeting with a client, whose role is played by the Tremplin expert. This takes place in a friendly environment, where participants receive peer feedback and learn to adapt their interventions to different social styles, develop good reflexes in varied situations and implement the 6-step client interview. This workshop has a training camp feel and enables participants to get practice so they can go back in the field with more self-confidence and better results.

Aimed at

Any professional who has followed Pillars of the Client Approach and wants concrete practice to master the concepts learned there.

1 day


  • To master the concepts in the Pillars of the Client Approach in an intensive manner, through practice in a context that reflects the learner’s specific environment.

Expected outcomes

  • Increased self-confidence in the client approach
  • Improved quality of the client experience provided
  • Significant increase in sales

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