Phone Sprint — Making Appointments

Phone Sprint: Making Appointments

Practice your phone solicitation skills on actual clients and get real-time expert feedback for instant results!

This workshop combines group goals and individual learning through real-time feedback and advice. Participants are supported and coached by an expert Tremplin instructor while they do phone solicitation with their actual target clients. Each call period ends with a group meeting to discuss what everyone experienced and the good practices to adopt. These feedback sessions are facilitated to encourage discussion and foster co-development. Participants join forces to analyze their challenges and achievements, and the number of calls made versus the number of appointments obtained. This is a stimulating event, a team sprint culminating in the savouring of joint success.

Aimed at

Any professional who solicits new clients over the phone, has already taken Getting Appointments over the Phoneand wants to practice new knowledge in real situations.

0.5 days


  • Get more appointments over the phone by simulating the sales force and getting feedback in real time.

Expected outcomes

  • A greater number of appointments
  • A stimulated sales force
  • Stronger team spirit

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