Master Impactful Sales Tools

Master Impactful Sales Tools

Enhance your client approach by mastering practical tools designed for your business environment

This workshop complements theOptimize Your Product and Service Positioning course. It takes an in-depth look at creating and mastering new approach tools that are specially designed to improve your professional performance. Working in collaboration with your company’s managers, the Tremplin experts will create client contact scenarios and client approach tools for your particular business environment. These will become solid client approach references for presentations, interview guides, coaching cycles, etc. You will carry out client approach simulations using your new tools. You will receive feedback from group members and guidance and targeted advice from the Tremplin expert.

Aimed at

Any professional who has taken Pillars of the Client Approach and wants to master impactful client approach tools that are adapted to their own business environment.

1 day


  • Save time and improve productivity
  • Know how to use new adapted and impactful tools
  • Practice and master your client approach

Expected outcomes

  • Enhanced client approach
  • Ease with client relationships
  • More effective client approach work

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