Getting Appointments over the Phone

Getting Appointments over the Phone

Simple and effective techniques to decrease your stress and discomfort levels and increase your success rate.

Approaching a client over the phone can be a considerable challenge and a source of stress for many professionals. This workshop will help you develop a plan for your phone approach and teach you simple techniques to use for customer relations over the phone. You will apply what you learned and the new reflexes you’ve acquired to situations that accurately reflect your work environment.  

This workshop will help you:
  • Address key topics at the right moment in the conversation
  • Target factors that will help you get appointments
  • Reduce your stress level
  • Increase your success rate

Aimed at

All professionals who attempt to get appointments with clients or potential clients over the phone and who want better prospecting results.

1 day


  • Improve the customer experience when attempting to get appointments over the phone
  • Be more confident and effective
  • Increase the number of appointments scheduled

Expected outcomes

  • Ease in approaching clients over the phone
  • Notable increase in the number of appointments scheduledNotable increase in the number of appointments scheduled
  • Better customer relations

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Practice the concepts learned and expand your knowledge by taking associated practical workshops or by taking new training sessions.

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