Optimize Your Product and Service Positioning

Optimize Your Product and Service Positioning

Build a powerful marketing strategy for your products and services and reach your targets more easily

This workshop will teach you valuable skills and sales tools to position your products and services. You will be able to develop a marketing approach that has maximum impact. The training is given in two parts. First, working together, the participants will prepare a presentation of their own products and services that they will give before the group in a client approach mode.

The participants will then gather for 2 consecutive days of workshops. They will practice their client approach by positioning their product or service to the Tremplin instructor, who will play the role of the client. The key concepts learned during the Pillars of the Client Approach course will be applied in a friendly and experimental group setting, with advice provided by an expert. The different scenarios will give the participants substantial experience.

Aimed at

All professionals who are in contact with clients and want to facilitate their sales by developing a good client approach and optimal marketing.

2.5 days
(½ day of preparation + 2-day workshop)


  • Develop new client approach habits through real-life case studies
  • Develop lasting sales tools that will optimally market your products and services

Expected outcomes

  • Marked ease in approaching clients in the future
  • Notable increases in sales

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