Team Coaching: Performance and Mobilization

Team Coaching: Performance and Mobilization

Coach your team tactfully for maximum impact, help each member of your team progress and optimize your sales force.

Developed for managers, this course will give you tips and teach you a method to coach tactfully, according to each team member’s personality. We will help you develop the necessary skills, so you can have a real impact on your team’s professional development, while enhancing their performance and mobilization. You will notice improvements in interpersonal relationships within your sales force, as well as optimized business outcomes.

This course will teach you:
  • How to adapt your coaching style to each of your team members
  • The 6 steps of constructive feedback to better focus your coaching
  • How to adapt your communication and earn the respect of your peers

Aimed at

les teams or business development managers wanting to give their team members tailored and inspiring guidance.

1 day


  • Perfect your coaching techniques
  • Optimize how you approach each team member
  • Galvanize your sales force

Expected outcomes

  • Harmonious and effective interactions with your human resources
  • Mobilized team that performs at peak capability
  • Improved business results

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