Pillars of the Client Approach

Pillars of the Client Approach

The go-to for mastering the key concepts of a successful client approach

A flagship component of our training offer, this course will teach you the key concepts and core components of the client approach. Structured and effective, it guarantees tangible results and concrete knowledge, even for highly experienced professionals. Participants will leave with solid concepts acquired through theoretical learning, impactful anecdotes from real life, and experience working on actual cases. They will also gain new self-reliance and self-confidence in approaching future clients.

The 5 main themes covered:
  • The key factors of active listening, to better communicate with clients
  • Social styles and the optimal way to influence each person you interact with
  • Effective communication techniques, to quickly reach your objectives
  • Strategic positioning for your products and services
  • The 6 critical steps of the client interview, to get the contract or make the sale

Aimed at

All professionals who are in contact with clients and want to improve their approach and increase their volume of contracts and sales.

2 consecutive days


  • Improve the quality of your client relations by taking an approach adapted to each client and each encounter
  • Gain confidence and feel more at ease concluding sales and agreements
  • Drive up your business results

Expected outcomes

  • Greater self-confidence and more success with your clients
  • Better understanding of your target clients
  • More effective, conclusive interactions with your clients

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Practice the concepts learned and expand your knowledge by taking associated practical workshops or by taking new training sessions.

ePractice Capsule

Practice and integrate the concepts learned during our Pillars of the Client Approach course, at your own pace, in an interactive environment.

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