Maximizing Business Development during Events

Maximizing Business Development during Events

Maximize the potential of every contact and increase your success rate.

Your company invests staggering amounts of money in its brand image during trade shows, exhibitions and conferences. But are you equipped to close? Is your sales force?

This course is in 2 parts. The first part teaches a communication technique that is vital to success: active listening. You will learn, among other things, to accurately read the person you are talking to, which will help you better adapt your approach. The second part prepares you to contact prospected clients to get their engagement and eventually turn them into loyal clients.

This training will teach you what to say, when and how, with more assurance. Equipped with helpful tools, client contacts will be much less stressful. You will know how to target potential clients, get appointments and maximize your return on investment.

In this course, you will learn to:
  • Structure your encounters for maximum impact using 8 vital points
  • Write prospecting scripts and apply them effectively
  • Polish your brand image
  • Use the “where,” “when” and “how” measuring tools
  • Ask the right questions
  • Avoid common mistakes

Aimed at

All professionals wanting tangible results from business events (trade shows, exhibitions, networking events, etc.).

1 day


  • Optimize your business development during business and company events
  • Maximize each encounter’s potential

Expected outcomes

  • Maximized business development
  • Exponential increase in the number of conclusive encounters
  • New boost in self-confidence for future events

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