Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Communicate with impact: Build trusting relationships, generate engagement and increase your credibility

This course will help you communicate effectively and confidently in any situation, including conducting business with a client, persuading a co-worker, resolving a difficult situation or addressing a sensitive topic. You will learn key communication techniques, such as active listening, to accurately read the person you are addressing, and direct communication, for effectiveness. Taught in a structured and dynamic manner, this training provides concrete communication techniques you can apply as soon as the course ends to many areas of your life.

You will leave the course equipped with effective communication processes that will help you:
  • Develop solid relationships of trust with your clients, colleagues, employees and bosses
  • Boost your professional credibility
  • Present your solutions and ideas in an influential manner
  • Obtain engagement
  • Conclude your communications with ease

Aimed at

All professionals wanting to develop harmonious interpersonal relationships with their clients, employees, colleagues and bosses.

1 day


  • Communicate effectively and develop relationships of trust
  • Boost your professional credibility
  • Have maximum impact in one-on-one conversations

Expected outcomes

  • Optimized interpersonal relationships
  • Ease in transmitting your key messages, no matter the situation
  • A more harmonious and higher-performance work atmosphere

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