Client Approach: Retail Sales

Client Approach: Retail Sales

Designed specifically for retail sales professionals: Optimize your approach and your performance.

This training provides tools adapted to your reality, to optimize communications with your clients and improve your business outcomes. You will learn key communication techniques, such as active listening, to better read your client and adapt your approach accordingly. This will help you gain your clients’ trust, which is a crucial step in developing successful business relationships. You will be given useful concepts for structuring your client approach and significantly increasing your impact. Learn how to apply a simple, yet powerful client approach process that you can easily adapt to various contexts. Taught in a structured and dynamic manner, this course equips you with practical techniques you can begin to apply the moment you leave.

You will leave the course with sales concepts that will help you:
  • Develop solid relationships of trust with your clients
  • Affirm your professional credibility
  • Fight procrastination, a big problem in our era
  • Position your products and services with assurance
  • Confidently quote your prices
  • Conclude your transactions effectively through tact and finesse

Aimed at

Retail sales professionals wanting to interact more effectively with their clients to improve their business outcomes and increase their sales.

1 day


  • Equip retail sales professionals with tools to optimize their customer relations
  • Develop long-lasting relationships of trust with clients
  • Create maximum impact to more effectively conclude sales

Expected outcomes

  • Improved customer relations
  • Greater ease in approaching clients
  • More sales and contracts

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Practice the concepts learned and expand your knowledge by taking associated practical workshops or by taking new training sessions.

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