Our training

Training in line with your goals and your expertise

We offer a unique approach that combines cutting-edge expertise, field experience and knowledge gained from thousands of professionals to offer support and guidance that is efficient and adapted to your business environment.

Here are training trajectories for standard profiles to show you some possible training paths.

We know each professional, each organization, each team is unique. Our experts will propose an optimal and customized trajectory.

Many possibilities are available to you.

In-class and online training intensives

Pillars of the Client Approach

Master the key concepts you need for a successful client approach.

Client Approach: Retail Sales

Designed specifically for retail sales professionals: optimize your approach and improve your outcomes.

Client Approach over the Phone

Improve your ability to read people, even remotely, and learn effective techniques for a successful approach.

Effective Communication

Build trusting relationships, generate engagement and increase your credibility.

Team Coaching: Performance and Mobilization

Learn to coach your team members tactfully, help them grow and galvanize your sales force.

Maximizing Business Development during Events

Maximize your business development efforts and increase the number of conclusive encounters.

Associated practical workshops

Optimize Your Product and Service Positioning

Build a powerful and strategic marketing strategy to position your products and services and reach your targets more easily.

Training Camp: Practice the Pillars of the Client Approach

Practice your client approach skills and go back in the field with more self-confidence.

Getting Appointments over the Phone

Learn simple and effective techniques to reduce your stress or discomfort level and increase your success rate.

Phone Sprint : Making appointments

Practice your phone solicitation skills on actual clients and get real-time expert feedback. You will get instant results!

Master Impactful Sales Tools

Master the tools built specifically for you and improve your performances.

Executive Presentations

Elevate your performance during executive presentations : Increase people’s interest, feel more confident and improve your results.

ePractice Capsule

Our ePractice, specially designed by Tremplin, is the perfect way to practice and integrate the concepts learned during our Pillars of the Client Approach course. It enables you to practice and master the subtleties of the client approach at your own pace, in an interactive environment.


You are investing valuable time and money in your learning process. That is why, at Tremplin, our training courses are certified by several organizations: Emploi Québec, Barreau du Québec, Chambre de la sécurité financière, Ordre des arpenteurs-géomètres du Québec and Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés.