Our approach

Specialized training on the client approach and business development

Our approach is the perfect blend of 3 key elements: knowledge, skills and behaviour. Our approach relies on experiential learning, the method proven to be the most effective way to learn, guarantees solid and stimulating support, as well as tangible results.

We offer much more than theory. We offer experience from the field, where actions are taken and real-life decisions are made, so you can become as efficient as possible.

What sets us apart

Customized offering for quantifiable results

We conduct a personalized assessment of your client approach needs, and then propose an optimal training trajectory that includes tools and concrete examples adapted to your business environment.

A rigorous methodology inspired from practical experience

Our training contents are proven and effective, and are presented in simple, helpful language that is easy to absorb and aimed at promoting increased self-reliance.

A memorable approach thanks to our personal touch

We believe in the value of human interactions. We teach in person, in small groups, and we use an approach that draws on funny and memorable anecdotes because we believe people learn better when they’re having fun and when they’re interacting with other people.

Total integrity and transparence

These values are at the heart of our philosophy, filled with respect for the Client, and are embedded in our business’s DNA. They transpire in everything we do and in everything we teach.

Our team

We are passionate about client relations and business development and we practice what we preach on a regular basis, giving us unique expertise and ever-growing experience in client contact.

Our trainers are excellent communicators who perform their duties in a non-invasive manner and always exceed expectations, even those of our most demanding clients. We are committed to making every one of our interventions a winning knowledge transfer as well as a captivating and profitable learning experience.

Our experts all share a single passion: people. Discover what differentiates them…


President, Trainer, Client Approach and Business Development Expert

Mobilizing a team, building the right strategy, coaching winners… Those are a few of Patrice’s core strengths. On the football field and in business.


Executive Vice-President and Associate, Trainer, Client Approach and Business Development Expert

A real team player, Éric is a leader who draws people into powerful rhythms. It has been said that no one can play the djembe alone; the instrument’s vibrations take you in. It is—unsurprisingly—one of Éric’s passions.


Vice-President and Associate, Trainer, Client Approach and Business Development Expert

Full of energy and joie de vivre, Pierre creates enticing rhythms. He plays a key role in a harmony, knowing how to adapt to his teammates and setting the tone for the performance.


Vice-President, Trainer, Client Approach and Business Development Expert

Joe exudes charisma that is typical of Italy’s Mediterranean people, where human relations are the core of life. He is thoughtful, precise and easily adaptable, in business and on the golf course.


Vice-President, Trainer, Client Approach and Business Development Expert

Naturally curious, Francis has accumulated a significant amount of general knowledge. When combined with great communication skills, it’s no wonder that Francis captivates an audience.


Administrative assistant

Caroline takes incredible care of all those around her, whether human or canine! Thanks to her big heart and attention to detail, Caroline has become an essential part of our team, and always ready to serve you.

Have a career with us

Our talented people are the key to our success. Do human relations make you come alive? Is business development a passion for you? Do you identify with our mission and approach? There’s surely a place for you on our team.

Some of our clients

Tremplin has boosted the outcomes of tens of thousands of client approach professionals, from lawyers and accountants to engineers and financial planners. Our clients cover a whole range of industries and business sizes, from SMEs to large corporations.

We are proud of the rave reviews they give us.